Riva Light Cure and Riva Light Cure HV

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Light cured, resin reinforced glass ionomer restoratives

Riva Light Cured Dental

Riva Light Cure is a light-cured, resin-reinforced glass ionomer restorative cement. Riva Light Cure HV is slightly thicker, allowing less “stringing” associated with these types of materials. Glass ionomers release fluoride and chemically bond to the tooth structure whilst composites have excellent aesthetics. Riva Light Cure is a combination of both with excellent aesthetics, fluoride release and chemically bonds to the tooth structure.

Fabulous Asthetics

Having many shades available, Riva Light Cure enables natural looking restorations with chameleon effects. 

Great translucency

Highest colour stability

Riva Light Cure has excellent resistance to common stains such as black tea and red wine. Riva Light Cure absorbs about half as much colour from these tannin-rich solutions.

High flexural strength

High flexural strength ensures reduced cracking and failure in flexion. Riva Light Cure has excellent flexural strength.

Riva Light Cure and Riva Light Cure HV can be ordered directly from SDI New Zealand Limited on 0800 734 034 and from Henry Schein Shalfoon.