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"One year as part of Lumino... and I’m not looking back"

Last issue I started talking about the growth of the corporate dental model in New Zealand. If you missed the last newsletter, you can read that here.

One year as part of Lumino has already flown by, and I’m not looking back. October was a record month for the practice. As I had hoped we have utilised Lumino’s systems and processes to continue growth. My staff are happier and my patients get more of my attention. Why? Because I’m no longer ‘managing’ the practice. Many dentists employ people who pay the bills, follow up on overdue accounts, arrange the books, do basic HR work and deal with ‘the girls’. These people are often called or employed as ‘Practice Managers’. Problem is 9 times out of 10 it’s the dentist who manages the practice. They make the call on staff selection, on materials to be ordered, on opening hours, on marketing collateral and spend, the list goes on.

Whilst Lumino may not make all of these decisions for you they certainly make them a lot easier for you. They have a process for staff selection (actually they have staff for staff selection). Due to their size get discount on materials, and they have statistics for what marketing works for every demographic or location. So, you get the same problems but receive qualified advice on how to deal with these problems. Then, experienced and qualified people action your decisions. They use PSM’s or Practice Support Managers to liaise between head office expertise and the various clinics.

Lumino also invest in their people. There are yearly conferences for practice managers and clinicians. Then there are direct development initiatives; Lumino Shine - a well-resourced and remunerated mentoring program, Lumino Go - an intensive young dentist development program over two years and LumiNetworks - a set of clinical road shows for Lumino dentists and various CPD courses.

Sure - I have to give some of that increased revenue and profit to the new owners of the practice, but isn't a small slice of a really big pie better than having a slightly bigger small pie?

If you have questions about my transition to Lumino please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me via confidential email